Standard Consultation                                    $99.50

A standard consultation allows for up to 20 minutes of time with our vets. We find that this is sufficient time to thoroughly manage most conditions. If your pet has multiple problems, or very complex medical issues, we recommend booking an Extended Consultation.

Revisit Consultation                                        $75.00

A Revisit Consultation is a discounted appointment to check the response to treatment of a condition, or to provide ongoing management. A Revisit Consultation fee, which is less than a Standard Consultation fee, will apply when the pet has been seen for the same condition within the previous 8 weeks.

Extended Consultation                                   $145.00

If your pet has multiple problems, or very complex medical issues, we recommend booking an Extended Consultation. This gives us the best chance to thoroughly address your concerns and develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

Nail Clip                                                           $40.00

Anal Glands                                                    $45.00

Microchipping                                                 $60.00


Our Gold Standard Care desexing surgeries include

  • Intravenous fluids throughout the procedure
  • Intensive Anaesthetic monitoring
  • Laser Therapy application to reduce inflammation and aid recovery
  • 3 days Post Operative Pain relief
  • Post Operative Check 3-5 days after surgery
  • Dissolveable internal suture so no cone of shame required.

Admission time is between 8am and 8.40am        Discharge times are from 3pm to 5pm

We encourage all of our clients to bring their pets "favourite" things from home, like a blanket or a toy. This helps their time recovering with us. 


Castrate up to 20kg                            $480                Spey up to 20kg                      $620

Castrate over 21kg                             $620                Spey over 21kg                       $840

                                                                                    Pregnancy Surcharge             $150



Castrate                                              $195                Spey                                        $385

                                                                                    Pregnancy Surcharge             $ 30

Special Cat desexing pricing for Balaklava and Peterborough surrounds residents, please contact the Clinic for further information.



We recommend an initial course of three vaccinations for puppies. The first vaccination is normally given by the breeder at 6-8 weeks of age, prior to the puppy being rehomed. The second vaccination should be given at 10-12 weeks of age, and covers against parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis, canine influenza and bordatella (C5 vaccine). The puppy can be taken out in public 10 days after this vaccination. A third vaccination against parvovirus, hepatitis and distemper (C3) is recommended at 14-16 weeks of age.

For booster vaccinations, a C5 vaccination is recommended at 15 months of age. After this, the C3 component is boosted every three years, with the Canine Cough components (canine influenza and bordatella) requiring annual boosters.

We highly recommend annually protecting your dog against heartworm. Heartworm in dogs is prevalent across Australia and can be a serious and potentially fatal condition. Dog heartworms are a parasite spread by mosquitoes. The worms, which can grow to 30 cm in length, infest the heart, lungs, and associated blood vessels.  The presence of heartworm in blood vessels causes inflammation and scarring, and may eventually lead to heart failure

Dog vaccines and canine cough cost $145, which includes a health check.

Proheart Injections are calculated by weight and range from $120 to $250 per dose.


For kittens, we recommend  F3 plus FIV vaccinations. These cover against feline rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, panleukopenia, and cat aids. This requires an intial course of three injections given at fortnightly intervals.

The first injection, given from 8 weeks of age, includes both F3 and FIV and costs $135. At the second vaccination, given two weeks later, just the cat aids (FIV) component is given. $60.

The third vaccination, which includes both F3 and FIV is then given after another two weeks. This costs $135.

An annual booster, tailored for each cat's individual needs, is then given every 12 months. The cost of these boosters is $135.


Rabbits should be vaccinated against calicivirus from 10 weeks of age. A single dose is all that is required for the initial vaccination course. Booster vaccination should be given every 12 months to maintain protection.

The cost of each vaccination is $145, which includes a health check.

Dental Surgery                                                                      Up to $2200

To give an accurate price for dental procedures we need to examine the mouth thoroughly. Just like human dentists, we need to examine each tooth above and below the gum line. Unfortunately, our patients aren't always the best at "opening wide", so an accurate price can only be given once the pet is under anaesthetic.

If you feel that your pet's teeth may need a bit of attention, please book a consultation with one of our vets. They will examine your pet's teeth as well as possible in the consult room and advise if a dental procedure is required. We can then book the procedure at a mutually suitable time.

A scale, polish and assessment under anaesthetic costs $600 (this includes the dental xrays, anaesthetic, dental procedure, intravenous fluids during the procedure, laser therapy, pain relief to take home and follow up Post-Operative Check 3-5days after)

If extractions are required, we will contact you to discuss which teeth require removal and given an accurate estimate of costs at that point.

For animals with severe dental disease, the cost may be as high as $1800+, though we find that with a proactive approach to dental care most cases are much less than that.

For moderate dental disease where several surgical extractions are required, bills normally end up in the range of $900-$1400.

We ask that you only book dental procedures on days when you will be available by phone, as we will not proceed with extractions without your express consent.


To give an accurate estimate for removing a lump, we need to know two things: what is it, and where it is?

To determine "what" the lump is, we normally need to take a sample of cells from the lump. We can often perform a "fine needle aspirate" of the lump to obtain a few cells, which we examine under the microscope to determine the cell type. In some cases, we may need to send the sample to a specialist pathologist to get an accurate diagnosis, or take a larger sample called a biopsy.

The "where" part of the planning really has two components. The obvious one is "where is the lump?". The other is "could this be a cancer which has spread to other parts of the body?". Depending on the "what", we may recommend examining other areas to check for evidence of spread, such as in lymph nodes, lungs, and other internal organs.

The first step in the process is to book an appointment with one of our vets ($95). If a fine needle aspirate is taken and a diagnosis reached by our vet at that point, the lab fee will be $77.50. If the sample needs to be sent to a specialist pathologist the lab fee will be $230.50. Once a diagnosis has been reached and a plan developed, we will provide you with an estimate for any treatment required.

Lumpectomy                                                                                                   $1500 to $2500

The cost of a lumpectomy involves intravenous fluids and pain relief, surgical procedure, pathology, medications, day hospitalisation, laser therapy and a follow-up Post-Operative Check 3–5 days after.

X Rays

Xrays can be very useful for many conditions. From checking for broken bones through to chest, spinal and abdominal images, xrays are one of our most commonly used diagnostic tools. Unlike their human owners, pets aren't any good at staying still while we take xrays. Therefore, in most cases, we need to either sedate or anaesthetise the patient to get good quality, diagnostic xrays.

For a set of xrays to confirm a joint or bone issue, the cost may be around $640 for sedation and the xrays (consult will be additional to this), while a full chest series, which requires an anaesthetic to get high quality images, costs in the range of $745-$895 depending on the number of views required.

The vet will provide an accurate estimate for the xrays prior to the procedure occuring.

Ultrasound                                                     up to $295 for extended

Ultrasounds can be very useful for examining the abdomen and heart. The most common uses of ultrasound in our clinics include examining abdominal organs following illness or abnormal blood tests, checking the heart when a heart murmur is noted, and checking for pregnancy.

A pregnancy ultrasound costs $180. Please note that we cannot always give accurate foetal numbers as part of this ultrasound.

Abdominal or cardiac ultrasounds cost $485 (including sedation if required) for our clients.

If tissue samples are required additional fees will apply which will be discussed prior to the sample being taken.

Grass Seed Extraction                                                               $350-$780

The grass seed season is generally around spring and throughout summer. These pesky invaders cause grief for pets and are found in eyes, ears, noses and feet. Due to the difficult nature of removing these grass seeds, the cost for the treatment involves consultation, sedation, laser therapy on the site and pain relief. We are usually able to give a more accurate cost on the day depending on the location of the grass seed.

Snake Bite                                                     Cat $2200       Dog $2500

Snake bites on animals can happen all year round. However, summer is when we see an increase in cases. It is imperative that if you suspect your pet has been bitten by a snake, you bring them to the vet immediately. The costs of treatment include anti-venom, hospitalisation (generally for 3-4 days), oxygen therapy and medication.

Laser Therapy                                                           $300 (12 visits)

We are really pleased to be able to offer Therapeutic Laser as a treatment option for our patients. It has multiple applications, from post-surgery to treating inflammation, ear infections, arthritis, grass seed removal, skin infections… the list goes on. It works most effectively for chronic conditions when utilised 3 times a week for 3 weeks then once a week for 3 weeks but can also be used as a once off therapy for more acute problems.

Synovan Course:                                                      $340

For dogs with arthritis and chronic joint conditions, or following orthopaedic procedures, we find a combination of a course of 4 Synovan (arthritis) injections works well alongside joint supplements +/- Laser and anti-inflammatory medications.

The cost of this course of 4 weekly injections includes an initial consultation fee and a final revisit to facilitate a plan for ongoing care. It varies according to your dog’s weight and is around $340 for a 20kg animal.