Our Story

Clare Valley Veterinary Services Pty Ltd has cared for pets and production animals throughout the mid-north of South Australia for more than a decade.

Its  owners, Dr Louise Lehmann and husband Jason, took over the clinic on April Fool's Day in 2007 and a month earlier set up the Jamestown clinic, servicing clients as far as the Flinders Ranges. 

Despite its inauspicious starting date, CVVS has thrived under the Lehmann's watch, growing to four full-time veterinarians,with a strong team of support staff across both clinics. 

It is a genuine mixed practice, caring for an array of animals, including cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, horses, cows, sheep, alpacas, pigs and goats. It also provides free assistance to injured wildlife brought into the clinic.

As a rural practice, we are proud to offer a full range of services, from vaccinations and desexing to orthopaedic surgery, in-house blood testing, ultrasounds and digital X-rays. This one-stop shop facility means you avoid the hassle of travelling for your pet's treatment.

When you get to know the team, you'll learn that each staff member has a natural affection for animals, many with their own brood of pets at home. Their aim is to provide the best level of care for your animal and they look forward to getting to know you and your animal over your pet's lifetime.

We Aim To

  • Maximise the health and productivity of all animals in our care
  • Abide by the highest professional and ethical standards
  • Assist our farmer clients to grow the profitability of their business
  • Provide a caring and happy environment for our clients and staff